Unloved to Reloved Dresser!

I decided to overlook the neglected and unloved condition, of this old dresser because I knew I could transform it into something beautiful. When I arrived home I discovered the top drawer drawer was gone and must have fallen out of the truck on my way home! I found it lying on the corner of […]

How I Repurposed a Vintage Dining Table

The previous owner of this table had painted over the wood with a drab dark brown which was scratched quite badly. Why anyone would paint beautiful wood brown, I do not know. But I could see the potential and knew it would be perfect in our kitchen eating area with a nice new color. That […]

How I Restored An Ugly Old Cabinet

NOW ACCEPTING CUSTOM ORDERS ON A LIMITED BASIS Would you have thought this ugly kitchen cabinet was ready for the landfill? I will professionally transform your old or outdated piece of furniture into something I know you will love! You won’t believe how I restored and revived this ugly kitchen cabinet into something beautiful!    […]

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