Ugly Kitchen Cabinet Transformation

This was another customization for my client Kim. She had somehow rescued an ugly old kitchen cabinet which had been hand-made long ago. The cabinet had become completely warped over the years. She asked whether I could restore it as a long low freestanding wall cabinet for their family room, and requested pure white paint with wire mesh doors. Right away I could see how this ugly and warped cabinet could be revived, so of course I said yes! Not even one side or edge was square or level and there was no top. I found an older coffee table at Restore, which just happened to be exactly the same length as the original kitchen cabinet! I dismantled the coffee table and my husband cut off the back edge lengthwise to fit on top of the cabinet. I removed all 3 glass panels, inserted wire mesh on the 2 end doors leaving the middle open for a more balanced effect. I filled the extremely warped sides with wood filler and added some legs. Painted with Behr latex flat latex and mixed with an amazing paint transformer powder, for a creamy chalk paint, and sealed with clear wax for a smooth durable finish. She couldn’t believe how this ugly old kitchen cabinet had been completely transformed! It looks absolutely beautiful in their new home against a grey wall, also matching the white decor of their kitchen. (These photos are staged in my home).