A Beautifully Revived Antique Dresser

A few years ago a lady messaged me to see whether I might like to purchase this dresser. She had been following my furniture listings on my Facebook page and on marketplace. She said she really wanted to give me the opportunity to purchase this dresser before anyone of the other furniture painters in the […]

Restored Antique Eastlake Dresser

When the young man showed us the dresser I could see it was a bit rough around the edges. The 2 bottom drawers would not open unless he tilted it almost upside down! I also noticed some holes that had been drilled on the top. But I was so excited to find this dresser for […]

Unloved to Reloved Dresser!

I decided to overlook the neglected and unloved condition, of this old dresser because I knew I could transform it into something beautiful. When I arrived home I discovered the top drawer drawer was gone and must have fallen out of the truck on my way home! I found it lying on the corner of […]

How I Repurposed a Vintage Dining Table

The previous owner of this table had painted over the wood with a drab dark brown which was scratched quite badly. Why anyone would paint beautiful wood brown, I do not know. But I could see the potential and knew it would be perfect in our kitchen eating area with a nice new color. That […]

The Best Way to Make Your Own Chalk Paint!

I have found the best way to make my own chalk paint! Use ANY brand of flat latex or acrylic paint, in ANY color! The color choices are endless as you are not limited to pre mixed colors and chalk paint brands. Pick your paint and pick your color! Mixing a couple of heaping tablespoons […]

How I Restored An Ugly Old Cabinet

NOW ACCEPTING CUSTOM ORDERS ON A LIMITED BASIS Would you have thought this ugly kitchen cabinet was ready for the landfill? I will professionally transform your old or outdated piece of furniture into something I know you will love! You won’t believe how I restored and revived this ugly kitchen cabinet into something beautiful!    […]