I decided to overlook the neglected and unloved condition, of this old dresser because I knew I could transform it into something beautiful. When I arrived home I discovered the top drawer drawer was gone and must have fallen out of the truck on my way home! I found it lying on the corner of a sharp bend of a downward hill ten km’s away. The drawer basically survived but had major cracks on the front and sides and two of the front corners were broken right off. My husband and I were confident that it could be  repaired.


The entire dresser was vacuumed and scrubbed extremely well with TSP. The top drawer required major gluing and clamping and the broken corners were repaired with wood filler. The two bottom drawers and the top of the dresser were sanded down to bare wood as I knew they would look great with my color choice, and luckily for me they were both intact. Sanding the paint with my orbital sander was easy but the original varnish underneath needed to be stripped right down to bare wood. I always use an environmentally friendly stripper, still a messy job but without the toxic fumes!

The dresser was dismantled in sections which made the cleaning and sanding much easier. I then prepared for painting by taping brown paper to the wood areas that weren’t going to be painted.


I usually paint with an airless sprayer depending on the weather which was cooperating that day. Since I don’t use any pre-mixed brands of Chalk Paint anymore, I purchased an 8 oz sample of Behr latex flat paint in one of my favorite shades of green, Celery Garden. Mixing the paint with a couple of tablespoons of a 100% natural paint transformer will transform the paint into a creamy smooth chalk paint, which I find superior and more durable than other pre-mixed brands of chalk paint. I also save a lot on the cost, and I can easily grab a few samples of paint from any paint store and unlimited color choices!

With a light sanding with 220 grit over the painted areas for a nice smooth finish, and distressing the edges ever so lightly where it would normally have been worn, the dresser was ready for wax. The original natural wood was fairly light in color so I decided to use my favorite dark wax, to enhance the beautiful grains of the wood. I applied a clear wax to the painted areas of the dresser and mirror. Since this brand of wax is very fast drying the entire dresser was buffed to a soft silky smooth and durable finish within a couple of hours!


In my supply cabinet I discovered some floral napkins I had purchased a few years ago and had been saving for the right piece, and I knew this was the right one. I decoupaged them to the inside and sides of all drawers which enhanced the style and hid the damage to the sides of the top drawer. I also found some wooden knobs I had saved from another dresser that were a perfect match.

Now this unloved old dresser has been revived with new life. I just love the natural wood against the soft green, reminds me of the beautiful colors of nature. Wouldn’t this be cute in a little girls bedroom?