The previous owner of this table had painted over the wood with a drab dark brown which was scratched quite badly. Why anyone would paint beautiful wood brown, I do not know. But I could see the potential and knew it would be perfect in our kitchen eating area with a nice new color. That was a few years ago and we have since moved to another home and therefore the table had been stored with my other inventory for quite some time. A few weeks ago I finally decided to haul it out to have a look. Here it is with the table top extended…

Always Have a Plan B!

But when I folded up it back up and looked more closely, I noticed the upper section, the top that flipped over, was completely warped and did not sit flat at all! I was a bit devastated but I wanted to salvage this table and quickly decided to re-purpose as an accent table. I began by removing the extra leg that pulled out to hold the other half of the table top, hinges and the flip top.

The two remaining halves of the table top (as you can see in the first photo) had to be glued together and filled with wood filler. I sanded very smoothly so the join would not show. I decided to leave the two legs in the middle as a decorative feature of the table. The table was then cleaned with TSP and ready for paint.

When all the repairs and restoration were done it was time to start painting! I decided on Behr flat latex in Whisper White and the decorative accents a custom shade of charcoal. I don’t use premixed chalk paint anymore and prefer to transform flat latex into chalk paint! By mixing the paint with a couple of tablespoons of a 100% natural paint transformer  the paint becomes a beautiful smooth chalk paint! If I want a color specific color I just pick up an 8 oz sample of any color from any paint store. The cost is so economical and I also have so many beautiful colors to choose from!

I top coated the entire table with a matte Polycrylic. When painting furniture white, I always add a tiny bit of white paint to the Polycrylic so that there is no yellowing afterward. Nothing worse than having to re-paint your piece because the top coat has turned yellow over top of white paint.

My daughter painted and re-upholstered the chairs and we realized that they looked great together and coordinated them as a set. Now a beautiful accent table and chairs and just love how they turned out!

Wouldn’t this be a beautiful desk or accent table for someone?